Personal Training

Get Your Heart Working

Use one of our certified personal trainers as a personal coach to begin your journey in creating a healthier and fitter body. Our exercise program starts with a fitness evaluation, selected exercise program, and re-evaluations to ensure results. It does not matter what level of shape you're in, we have built a reputation over the past 30 years of exceeding our clients goals with 100% satisfaction.


3 Pillars of Health

Our Main Focus

balance nutiton

Pillar One

Balance Nutrition

One of the main causes of degenerative disease in America is a lack of balanced nutrition. There are five areas of nutrition that govern your health. Maintaining your ideal weight, firmness of your muscles and skin along with your activity level depends greatly on the correct combination of foods, hydration, and consumption level. Our nutritional program will be easy to follow and will completely balance your health in a very short period of time. The goal is to allow foods to fuel your body correctly. This will enhance the way you look and feel. Aging gracefully should be the ultimate goal.

Fitness Equipments

Step 1

  • Fitness Questionnaire

  • Nutritional Questionnaire

  • Meal Planner

  • Body Fat Assessment

  • Blood Pressure

  • Trunk Flexibility

  • Core Stability

  • Cardiovascular Testing

  • Bio-mechanic

  • Strength Testing


Rael Vanterpool

Rael Vanterpool

Janice Muller

Janice Muller


Claudia Sofronia






Oscar Mendoza



My husband and I have been doing buddy training with Rael for more years than I can remember. Rael is an exceptionally talented trainer and creates a unique workout designed to meet our changing needs. He is very knowledgeable about health and the body and has helped to keep us fit and healthy for many years. We look forward to our workouts three times a week because Rael makes working out a pleasant and rewarding experience.”

- Marsha


I agree completely with Marcia and more: Rael is a master at what he does with his clients.”

- Steve


—  Steve and Marsha, Over 15 years with Z-Form