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Top of the Line Everything

Aerobics Studio

Hit our exercise class studio and leave your stress behind. Designed to eliminate the unnecessary distractions so you can stay focused and committed to achieving your fitness goals. We offer custom group exercise classes that fits everyone's needs. Whether your goal is to reshape your body, increase lung capacity, increase energy, firm and strengthen muscles, or simply boost confidence: Z-Form's exercise classes is your answer.


Weight Room

As far as boutique facilities goes, Z-Form Fitness Center is uniquely designed. We provide you with a large selection of exercise equipments to choose from. Our facility layout allows our members/clients to enjoy their workout in an environment that is not congested. We offer a full cardiovascular line, stabilizing exercise machines, free-weight area, and stretching area. Come experience what you have been missing.

Massage Therapy Room

One of the ultimate ways of balancing your health is through massage therapy. It allows the body to release toxins, increase blood flow, repair muscle tissue, and recuperate faster from the everyday stresses of life. 


Physical Therapy Area

While working on building strength or losing weight, it all happens at Z-Form Fitness. That's why we've implemented Prime Sports Physical Therapy by Eugene Jang. They offer the most professional and extensive array of therapeutic methods with over 18 years of experience.


Locker Rooms

For your convenience
we provide full shower
and locker amenities.

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