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Z-Form's Wellness Massage Program was designed to assist corporate America to maintain a healthy, more efficient, way of doing business.

Hawaiian Blast

Features: Head / Neck / Trapezius

This massage is the ultimate stress reliever. We use multiple techniques and pressure points to release tension from the head, neck, and Trapezius areas. This allows more efficient blood flow to the brain which reduces headaches and migraines. Concentration, retention, Cortisol levels and focus improves dramatically.

Bali Blist

Features: Shoulder / Arms / Hands

Designed for those who sit all day at work, writing, staring at a computer, using a mouse excessively and mentally stressing. Bali blist releases and redirects the correct energy and blood flow to support the entire arms. This massage treatment eliminates stiff arms, fingers, joint pains, and aching wrist.

Amafi Sensation

Features: Glutes / Legs / Feet

As we stand and sit for great periods of time wearing shoes of all types and compromising our circulation. Our legs and feet are constantly working overtime. Eventually leading to leg cramps, swollen feet, aching knees, ankles, and ultimately foot problems. The Amafi massage reverses muscle tension, knots, and poor circulation.

Italian Dream

Features: Upper Back / Mid Back / Lower Back

As we live our daily lives at home, work, or play; the entire back absorbs a tremendous amount of pressure, which cause misalignment, back aches, poor posture and overall fatigue of the lower spine, hips, knees, and feet. This massage stimulates and rejuvenates the entire back region.

Corporate Option


Corporate Massage

We would like to extend our corporate massage services to your employees. Your staff will have the option of obtaining their massage at your office or at our fitness facility. As you know, massage therapy is a great stress reliever. It creates optimal blood flow to the brain, organs, muscles, and nervous system which allows you to think clearer and perform more efficiently. We specialize in areas such as head, neck, trapezius, shoulder, arms, hands, and back. If you would like to acquire our services on a monthly basis, we would love to assist. 

Corporate Rate is $1.25 per minute

10 minute minimum per person
6 people minimum

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