Dear Members,


We appreciate having you as a member and look forward to serving you.

Please read carefully.


  1. Everyone must check-in with the front desk upon entry.

  2. All cell phones must be on silent. If a phone call arrives, please take it in the lobby area.

  3. Face masks are required at all times.

  4. Sweating is not permitted on the machines.

  5. Wipe down before and/or after using the equipment. Antibacterial wipes found near the cardio machines are at your disposal and disinfectant spray bottles are stationed throughout the gym floor.

  6. To ensure proper hygiene, towels are to be used while exercising at all times.

  7. Place towels in the towel bins at the end of your workout. (Towel bins are located in the locker rooms or by the front desk.)

  8. Practice social distancing of at least six (6) feet distance to the greatest extent possible.

  9. Take a moment to re-rack all the weights after your workout.

  10. Do not bang or drop weights.

  11. Gently close shower doors after use.

  12. In the locker room, locks must be removed after usage.

  13. Children are not allowed on the floor at any time unless they are being assisted by a trainer. In the event that your child accompanies you, please have them wait in the waiting area.

  14. Individuals must use ear/headphones to listen to music or for other entertainment purposes. Absolutely NO blasting music.


We take great pride in providing you with a clean and healthy gym facility. To help us keep our facility elite, please address all gym rules.

Thank you for your cooperation.   


Last updated on August 31, 2020.